Flood 2013

Prayers are going out to those who were affected by the flood! Thank you to all of those who have helped to have the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth go on. I was one of them who helped too!!! And to help support them, I went to the Stampede TWICE this year in one week! It was a lot of money but it was for the Flood Relief! I also went to the Grand Stand show and it was awesome! Calgary wouldn’t be the same without those who helped! Thank you everyone! Hell Or High Water!


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Hurricane Sandy

ImagePlease keep the people who have been hit by Hurricane Sandy in your prayers! They really need them! This Hurricane even hit South Ontario too! I will be putting some ¬†videos and pictures up very often so please stay in touch! Thank you! ūüôā

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If you don’t like sad stuff then I suggest you don’t read it but please try to!!!

To all readers- If you don’t like sad things, I suggest you don’t read this! It has to do with family and this post is real!!! So on Saturday, September 15.2012, Alex (My Older Brother) and I were playing on the laptop, and all of a sudden, the phone rings. My Grandma picks it up it’s from my¬†Granddad’s¬†family member. Earlier that night, my Great Aunt and Uncle were in a severe car crash. My Great Uncle was¬†immediately killed. My Aunt , was¬†unconscious and was sent to the Hospital of Edmonton. So this weekend is their funeral but probably at 2 different times. Don’t know for sure so please just try to stay calm around me!!! Thank you and I’ll stay in contact with this blog later on in life! Sorry I didn’t finish the Boy’s and Girl’s Day Camps posting, got really side¬†tracked!!!

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Boy’s And Girl’s Club Day Camps

Welcome to “London Olympics!” For Monday we stayed at the club to create our countrys. Mine was Thiland with some other people in the group. We then had to make an Olympic sport and then had other people play it! For Tuesday we stayed at the club again and did some activities again! On Wednesday we went to the Bow View outdoor pool with a park and outdoor pool. On Thursday we went to Camp Adventure again and roasted some Marshmellows at the cabin house with the fire place because it was raining outside. On Friday we went to the Renfrew Boys and Girls Club where all the Clubs of Calgary came! We had some challenges and competed in them. Stay tuned for me to put the post of Baseball Camp! Thanks for those kind people who are generous enough to look at the blog! THANK YOU!

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Boy’s and Girl’s Club Day Camps

ImageDON’T WORRY THIS WON’T BE LONG!¬†¬†Fun In The Sun!!! On Monday we didn’t go any where because we were doing stations. They were mostly wet stations. On Tuesday, we went to Fish Creek for what ever. On Wednesday, we went to Drumheller and went in the Royal Tyrell Museum. On Thursday we went to Camp Adventure again. It was raining so we had to go in a big cabin thing with windows and doors,(Man Built).On Friday, we had some wet stations again. There was Slip and slide, Park, and Art station inside. That was the week. It was short because there was a few MAJOR MAJOR¬†incidents. If you want to know what they were. Comment and leave your email. Don’t worry, no body can see your email until I approve the comment. Which I won’t unless you ask me to. Stay tuned for London Olympics this week.¬†

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